Everything You Need To Know About Laoghaire MacKenzie

Not much is known about Laoghaire's early life. At sixteen, she remembers Jamie from when he lived at Castle Leoch as a teenager, when she herself was no more than ten. Her father, who brought her to Colum requesting she be punished for loose behavior, was likely a tenant of the MacKenzie, and so Laoghaire probably grew up near the castle and its inhabitants.

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First introduced in Outlander, later appears in Voyager and An Echo in the Bone, and is at least mentioned in the rest of the novels. She debuts in Outlander as a fair young maiden at Castle Leoch, infatuated with Jamie Fraser and hugely jealous of Claire. she’s become that character so many love to hate.

Personality of Laoghaire MacKenzie

By her actions at age sixteen, Laoghaire paints herself as covetous and vengeful, though at the same time very naive and immature. In middle age she seems to have retained the former qualities. However, her personality in the books is presented through select points of view, primarily Claire's, and so any redeeming qualities she may have are frequently overshadowed by her involvement as antagonist to the series' main heroine. Laoghaire isn’t a highly predictable character and has already proven she’s willing to let someone die to get her own way. Other aspects of her character are gleaned through brief dialogue later on. Through her daughter, Marsali, Claire learns that Laoghaire's husband was violent with her and her daughters. When Jamie approaches her years later to apologize for deceiving her in their marriage, however unwittingly, Laoghaire's primary justification for her interest in Joseph Murray, the crippled man she has taken as lover, is that he needs her, and Jamie never did.
What is not in doubt, is that Laoghaire loves her daughters, and the grandchildren she has never met. She goes so far as to beg Claire, with bribery, to return to America to attend to Henri-Christian, whose enlarged tonsils pose a serious threat to his health. Is it time to get her off our Outlander screens? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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