Madam Secretary: Elizabeth Gets Served. Henry Gets New Job.

People have always told me that it’s best to do what you think is right. No matter what the outcome may be, at least you did something to help make a difference. In this week’s episode of Madam Secretary, Elizabeth McCord gets herself into a complicated situation. Senator Morejon goes on the evening news blasting the secretary about the second phase of the Iranian arms deal. Meanwhile, the Dawson family sues Elizabeth for the death of their son, James Dawson. Dawson was the American who died from the bombing that occurred at the beginning of the episode.

Madam Secretary

Though the lawsuit aspect put the arms deal on the back burner, to an extent, I don’t quite understand why the wealthy Saudi family funded the law firm that the Dawsons retained to sue the Secretary of State. I mean, I know that they’re doing it to put pressure on the arms deal, but manipulating a grieving family? That’s beyond cruel. At least Elizabeth managed to get the Dawsons to drop the lawsuit against her at the behest of Mike B’s legal advice. She also put the pressure right back on Saudi Arabia. If they don’t stop the violence in Yemen, then they would not get the precision-guided missiles they so desperately want. The ending scene with the secretary and the Dawsons was an emotional one. The family finally knew the truth about their son and can grieve in peace.

Circling back to Senator Morejon, I knew that he knew about the Saudi family paying the law firm representing the Dawsons. He even quoted to Elizabeth that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”. I sincerely hope that he gets what’s coming to him. Karma always does.

In other news, kudos to Henry for getting a new job. That and not exposing Lyle to the board of directors at the war college about him not completing his coursework at the German military academy. It may not have ended well should he do that and would come across as petty regarding wanting to get the position of Chairman of the Ethics Department. Though before, Henry didn’t even want the job in the first place. He only took it after Lyle made a crack about Elizabeth. Make up your mind, professor!Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary

Final Thoughts:

Where is Stevie? The eldest McCord child is surprisingly absent in this week’s episode. Though Wallis-Currie Wood has been MIA in the past, there’s no indication (on social media or otherwise) that she has moved onto other projects. The show didn’t even write in her absence. Could’ve said that she’s on vacation or maybe doing an assignment for Russell or something.

I concur with Elizabeth about putting an end to the whatever-gate thing. It’s getting a bit old. Find some other term to call political scandals and all other scandals for that matter. Hashtags are better than whatever-gate.

I also applaud the secretary for going on a television show to paint the Phase Two talks in a better light. However, I didn’t like the way that the interview turned out, but that’s journalism for you.

Bone to Pick: Why is the first order of business at the ethics department meeting about Lyle’s parking space? Can’t everyone talk about the big picture rather than fight over something so minor?

What did you think of this week’s episode? 
Madam Secretary: Elizabeth Gets Served. Henry Gets New Job. Madam Secretary: Elizabeth Gets Served. Henry Gets New Job. Reviewed by Raam Iyer on April 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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