Who will become ruler of Westeros? Game of Thrones

The season finale of Game of Thrones is one step closer to airing on HBO. Who will become ruler of Westeros? What will happen to the remaining Stark children? There are so many questions that have yet to be answered, but fans are constantly making theories as to what might happen in the finale.

Many theories come from hints that have been revealed in past episodes, and there are many clues that hint big things for season eight. In preparation for the finale, here are six major clues you might’ve missed in previous episodes.

1. Children of The Forest Cave Drawings

The cave drawings were spotted when Jon Snow went inside a cave in Dragonstone. The drawings were made by the Children of The Forest, the non-human race that originally took over Westeros.

Screenrant pointed out the Children’s drawings resemble the formations of the men and horses the White Walkers have been leaving along the wall. The hieroglyphics definitely signify something big related to the Night King and it is likely it will become clear in Season 8.

2. The Nostalgic Meeting Between Arya and Nymeria

When Arya and Nymeria reunited it was a heartfelt moment for many fans. However it was pretty heartbreaking for Arya; Nymeria did not want to return to her owner. As the dire wolf walked away Arya said, “That’s not you.” The statement was reminiscing her father, Ned Stark.

Arya actually said the same statement to her father in season one, when he told Arya she was going to go to a castle and a dress when she grew up. “That’s not me,” Arya said.

Will this theme continue in the final season?

3. The Fact That Bran Could Actually Be the Night King

In Season 7, the White Walkers took down the wall with the help of the Night King and his new pet dragon. What many fans haven’t noticed, whoever, is the formation that the White Walkers were in.

According to Reddit, they appeared to form a dire wolf, which is the sigil for the Stark family. This is a big clue proving Bran could actually be the Night King, but no one will really know until the finale.

4. Jon Snow Doing a Ned Stark Move

Although Jon Snow is the adopted son of Ned Stark, the two are very close. Their actions even resemble each other. When Jon Snow grabbed Littlefinger by the neck, he threatened him with the following statement: “Touch my sister and I’ll kill you myself.”

This should have made Littlefinger have a flashback of Ned. Ned actually did the same move to Littlefinger and threatened him. Who will Jon do this move to in the final season?

6. Bran Can’t See the Future

When talking to Samwell Tarly, the new Three Eyed Raven said: “I can see things that happen in the past. I can see things happening now all over the world.” His abilities might not be helpful when defeating the Night King, if he isn’t the Night King that is.

However, by looking into the past he might find an answer on how he could fix the future.

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